It's only your LinkedIn profile. And who bothers to read that, right?

Think again.

You might not think so, but your LinkedIn profile is one of the most powerful selling tools you've got. It can instantly connect you to thousands of potential clients. But your prospects may not give it a second glance if it's not strategically planned and written. This course draws on my years of experience in marketing consulting services on LinkedIn. We dive into the mind of your most profitable clients and truly discover what they're secretly looking for when they visit your profile. This course provides original insights and actionable strategies for success. If you want to give yourself client attraction superpowers, this course is for you.

What you'll get out of this course

  • The Plan That Always Works

    You'll create an actionable plan for using what you know about your ideal client to leverage the 5 most important areas of your profile.

  • An Irresistible Linked Profile

    Guides and Worksheets will walk you through setting your goals and gathering profile information to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Exclusive Community Access

    Our skills community lets you exchange ideas, ask questions, and receive guidance and support from peers and instructors.

Your Instructor

Founder, CEO, Trailblazer MASTERY! Derek Little

Derek Little is the Founder and CEO of Trailblazer MASTERY! He helps technology consultants get the growth they want with marketing coaching, content, LinkedIn marketing campaigns, and courses.

Course curriculum

    1. Pre-Launch Survey

    2. Link: The LinkedIn Profile MASTERY! Community

    1. Video: The Value of a High-performance LinkedIn Profile

    2. Video: The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

    3. PDF Download: LinkedIn Profile Success Guide

    4. PDF Download: Most Profitable Client Workbook

    1. Video: Defining Your LinkedIn Brand

    2. Guide: Developing Your LinkedIn Brand

    3. Worksheet: Developing Your LinkedIn Brand

    1. Video: Your Experience, Education, and Certifications Strategy

    2. Guide: Experience, Education, and Certifications Strategy

    3. Worksheet: Experience, Education, and Certifications

    1. Video: Boosting Your Credibility with Recommendations, Skills, and Endorsements

    2. Guide: Boosting Your Credibility with Recommendations, Skills, and Endorsements

    3. Worksheet: Boosting Your Credibility with Recommendations, Skills, and Endorsements

    1. Video: Projects Selection and Presentation

    2. Guide: Projects Selection and Presentation

    3. Worksheet: Projects

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content